Enabling browser “cookies”

One issue that sometimes causes problems with web forms has to do with “cookie” settings in one’s web browser. (Cookies govern the ability of a website to leave a marker in your computer’s browser in order to recognize you when you revisit the site.) If you haven’t done so already, please set your browser to accept cookies from ncceft.com and wildapricot.org (That’s the site that handles NCCEFT membership matters). OR, temporarily enable ALL cookies while you do your NCCEFT transaction then turn them back off, if you like.

The settings for cookies vary from browser to browser, but often reside in the same general neighborhood as the cache setting. Click on the links below to learn how, for some of the more common browsers:

Enabling cookies in Firefox

Enabling cookies in Chrome

Enabling cookies in Safari

Enabling cookies in Internet Explorer

If your browser is not covered by the info in the above links or if you need help with enabling cookies please contact NCCEFT at one of the addresses below, and be sure to include the following information:

  • The kind of computer and version of its operating system you are using, and
  • The name and version number your web browser

For help pertaining to event registration: ncceft.programs@gmail.com

For memberships matters: ncceftinfo@gmail.com

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