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The NCCEFT began as a project initiated by a group of San Francisco Bay Area EFT therapists who had been meeting for several years for clinical consultation and the study of EFT. In an effort to continue building and expanding the EFT community in Northern California, this group launched the first EFT Community meeting on May 3, 2007.

The Community has evolved as a membership organization where all can initiate and participate with others in implementing the NCCEFT mission.

Quarterly meetings promote the mission by:

  • Facilitating communication and connection among EFT clinicians
  • Sharing resources
  • Supporting skill-building opportunities
  • Organizing events for EFT clinicians

Contact Us

General inquiries: ncceftinfo@gmail.com

Membership: ncceft.membership@gmail.com

Programs and events: ncceft.programs@gmail.com 

Technology-related issues: ncceftinfo@gmail.com

755 East Blithdale Ave. #625

Mill Valley, CA 94941

The NCCEFT follows the guidelines of the International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT), directed by Susan Johnson, Ed.D.

To learn more about the International Center for Excellence in EFT go to www.ICEEFT.com.


July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021

Jessica Montague, LMFT, Chair

Understanding people and relationships are what makes Jessica tick. She is a certified EFT therapist and supervisor with 15 years of experience working with families, couples, and individuals. She is an LCSW and initially trained in family and couples therapy at the Ackerman Institute for the Family in New York City. EFT has solidified her belief in attachment and emotion, components she long felt were missing from her training experience, especially once she found them! Her practice approach is attachment-based, trauma-responsive, and contextualized by issues of power and privilege. She has also trained in mindfulness-based approaches and Internal Family Systems. She has been exclusively in private practice for five years. Her practice is now in Oakland, where she lives with her husband of 12 years, two daughters (ages 9 & 6), and a spirited Shih Tzu puppy named Charlie. Jessica enjoys writing poetry and is exploring new writing styles. She serves on the board of the Footprint Foundation committed to environmental issues, social justice, education, and creative culture. She is an avid walker, aspiring jogger, and a pilates and yoga enthusiast. Jessica loves cooking, eating, traveling, socializing, design, fashion, and anything that's funny. She is particularly passionate about social justice and looks forward to integrating DEI principles into NCCEFT and EFT.

Tricia Walsh, LMFT, Chair Elect

Tricia Kim Walsh, LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist who holds 13 years of experience in the mental health field. Her areas of specialty are trauma/PTSD, couples, family and group therapy, life transitions, grief and loss, self-exploration, anxiety, stress management, and depression disorders. Tricia held a successful private practice for over 10 years working with individuals, teens, families, and couples. She is currently based out of her Oakland private practice office. She has previously worked at Pleasant Hill Community Counseling Center, Oak Creek Counseling Center, and the Student Health Counseling Center of the California State University of East Bay and currently, the Mental Health Manager of the Life@ Wellness Center MPK281 in Menlo Park. She is a Certified Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapist and a Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist. She is currently co-facilitating virtual Hold Me Tight Workshops with her friend and colleague, EFT Supervisor-in-Training, Claudio Silva, LMFT. Tricia is a classically trained first soprano and loves singing in her church choir as well as singing for friends and families' social events. Tricia and her husband, Sean, just recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary and renewed their vows in Orlando, FL, on 07/09/2021 with their closest friends and family. Tricia loves to cook, travel, bike and has gotten back into BeachBodyDemand. Fun fact, she is a certified Open Water PADI Scuba Diver and did her training in Monterey, CA. She and her husband have two rescue kitties, Loke (8) and Mocha (6).

Annie Asch, LMFT, Chief Financial Officer

Annie is a certified EFT therapist and supervisor working in Mill Valley, where she has worked with individuals and couples in private practice for 25 years. In 2015 she volunteered for one year on the Program Committee and then moved to the board as the CFO. She is now starting her 6th year in this position and loves supporting this community of therapists dedicated to the lifelong learning of EFT.  She is the mother of 3 young adults, including identical twins. All of them boomeranged home when the pandemic started causing an abrupt end to a lovely 4 months of empty nesting… and also a wonderful and unique opportunity to hang out with some really fun twenty-somethings. In her previous life, she trained horses and service dogs and still loves learning agility with her therapy dog, Nora.

Dean Paquette, AMFT, Director at Large

Prior to becoming a therapist, Dean had a long career in the television and film industry with a side gig as a sea kayak instructor. He began his therapist journey as a student trainee at the Pacific Center for Human Growth, then as an Associate working with couples at the Bay Area Psychotherapy Institute (BAPTI). Currently, he works for Dignity Health as a Family therapist for the families of adolescents in a Counseling Enriched Educational Program. The opportunities with these diverse populations are experiences he will carry into his position with NCCEFT. Dean's quiet time is spent with his Dalmatian/pointer Pixie and an ever-growing stack of books on the bedside table.

Joanne Robb, LMFT, Membership Coordinator

JoAnne Robb lives and works in Oakland. In addition to being certified in EFT, she works with individuals through an attachment lens, having also done a lot of training in AEDP.  Another area of deep knowledge is Type 1 Diabetes: Many of her clients have T1D or are in families with T1D. JoAnne has three kids, two of them who now have the audacity to be living on the east coast, leaving her home with a temperamental middle-schooler. Fortunately, she still likes her husband. Still, she’s wondering about the next steps (both professionally and personally) and has decided to start by keeping bees, which has led to some painful pokes but no honey. (Yet:)

Eric Mill, LMFT, Website Liaison

I have been learning EFT since graduate school when I had the privilege to train in an EFT focused clinic at the San Diego VA Hospital. In being able to work with Veterans and their partners my early training has seen the power of attachment and bonding that EFT provides. Since moving to Oakland I have been able to train in our local Northern California community to become Certified in EFT and I am now supporting others as a Certified EFT Supervisor.

Judy Huang, AMFT, Member at Large

A lifelong learner, Judy is grateful to have been on the EFT path since training with Dr. Sue Johnson in 2018.  Judy was awarded the 2019 NCCEFT Scholarship in support of her work in bringing EFT to communities of color in northern California.  In addition to EFT work with couples and other relationship configurations, Judy sees individual adults and adolescents at her East Bay-based private practice associateship (supervised by MacKenzie Stuart, LMFT).  

Judy especially welcomes to her practice people whose identities and experiences are underrepresented, underserved, and marginalized.  These aspects of identity may include, but are not limited to: relationship configuration, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, weight, religion, spirituality, class, ethnicity, and race.  Judy is committed to therapeutic work that undoes systemic harm, work that empowers and affirms; she works with the person as a whole.

Judy’s advocacy efforts at the macro level extend to her Board work for the Asian American Psychological Association’s Division on Practice.  Judy is delighted to serve on the NCCEFT Board and belong to this warm, close-knit NCCEFT community.


Sherna Perez, LCSW, Program Committee Co-Chair

Sherna is an LCSW in private practice in Oakland. She spent the first twenty years of her career in public service, first in child welfare, and the last ten years as a Family Court Mediator. Three years ago, she transitioned into full-time private practice and began studying and practicing EFT. The EFT model was attractive to her from the outset. She spent the majority of her career working with small children and their families and was deeply involved in attachment theory and practice. Seeing partner relationships through that same lens fascinated her, and she wanted to learn more. The EFT focus on the negative cycle spoke to her experience working with separated families. As she witnessed the negative cycle play out in her mediation sessions, she realized that much more was happening than petty bickering. She has gained so much from Core Skills and consistent supervision over the last several years that has not only benefited her EFT couples but separated families as well. She is really excited to have an opportunity to serve the board and to become a more active member of the NCCEFT community.

Nicole Ohebshalom, LPCC, Ph.D Candidate, Program Committee Co-Chair

Nicole works with individuals and couples in the Bay Area and has found EFT as her theoretical home. She earned her master's at NYU and is currently gaining her doctorate at CIIS in human sexuality. She has done research in relationships and sexuality in Israel and the USA. Nicole often integrates EMDR and sex therapy with EFT work. She is currently working towards EFT certification. Nicole provides therapy in Farsi and English. 

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