Clearing the web browser cache:

Your web browser’s cache is used to store images and files from sites that you visit often, so that pages will load faster when you revisit them. Sometimes it’s helpful to clear this cache, which forces the browser to load the most recent content. Here’s how to do this in some common browsers:

Clearing the cache; three popular Apple Mac browsers:

Clearing the cache: Internet Explorer for Windows:

If your browser is not covered by the info in the above links or if you need help with clearing your cache please contact NCCEFT at one of the addresses below, and be sure to include the following information:

  • The kind of computer and version of its operating system you are using, and
  • The name and version number your web browser

For help pertaining to event registration:

For memberships matters:

If you have cleared the browser cache and your issue persists please click the link below and try:

Enabling browser “cookies”:

or, to return to:  FAQ: Problems with Event Registration and Membership